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How to get to us

Bakery Owner

There are several ways to access to post.

#1 You can get on post if you have a Military or Government ID.

#2 You have a friend or relative that has a Military or Government ID and can bring you.

#3 Apply for a Recreational pass at the Visitor Center outside of Gate 9.

Anyone who completes the paperwork and passes a background check is eligible for a recreational badge. Please be advised that everyone applying for a Recreational badge will be checked against the National databases for criminal offenses; any outstanding warrants will be served at the visitor center.  Anyone who has been convicted of a felony or who has a questionable record, such as DUI offenses, will likely be denied access to the Arsenal.

The entire process can be done while you wait, depending on how busy the Visitor Center is. Once you have the pass, access to the Arsenal can only be made through Gate 9 on Rideout Rd (main gate) or Gate 8 on Goss Rd.

Steps to get a recreational pass:

  1. Stop by the Visitor Center at Gate 9 on Rideout Rd. On the right, just as 255 ends onto Rideout Rd.

  2. Receive a document listing the rules and regulations that must be followed while on post.

  3. Complete an application for a recreational badge, which also gives permission for a background check.

This badge allows the holder to access multiple areas on the Arsenal. The use of bike trails, Disc Golf Course, two boat launches, Lanes Bowling center, Links golf course and Flying Activity. Along with some restaurants on post, such as Java Café, Greek Gyros Express and The Summit.

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